Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College athletes are doing sports for the majority of the time for the university, but I believe that most athletes are like athletes than students. Universities and universities in the United States must be aware that university athletes receive compensation through scholarships and other opportunities. – Cameron Newton is a coveted newcomer to Westlake High School in Georgia in 2007. After signing a contract with the University of Florida, he was given a reserve position for the 2007 Heisman trophy champion Tim Tebow. After being arrested for felony charges, Newton withdrew from Florida and went to Brinjunior University in Texas.

Another plan is only paying the athletes who make money for the school. Most people would argue that academics would be even less accounted for than they already have been with added compensation. One of the most publicized, hysterical incidents occurred less than 10 years ago. In 2009, The University of North Carolina had a few players who received grades for work and class they never partook in . Imagine all of the other times throughout history, in which major Division one college athletes cheated their ways through school.

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Is the benefit of free education sufficient for college students? Many experts agree that the parties are effective, but neither has a factor determining whether university athletes can not earn salaries. A number of positive and negative results are obtained from this situation.

College Athletes: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Many college athletes recognize this concept and simply play through college for the fun of it and appreciate their scholarships they are provided. Paying athletes a salary on top of their scholarships would be unfair to the other students that are not taking part in sports and even if they did get college athletes should be paid essay in youtube paid, most of that income would be going towards paying school bills any way. College athletes should not be paid to play because their primary focus should be on their education while enrolled in college, rather than earning money by playing a sport that will probably end once they graduate.

college athletes should be paid essay

College Athletes’ Payment

The clear explanation is that these students are lazy, but their workload is much more than the average student’s. School is always the first priority, so paying student-athletes money would only worsen their academics. Implementing compensation for sports will increase student-athletes’ interests while reducing their academic priorities. Monetary compensation is one of the most debated issues in the college sports industry.

Division I College Athletes Call For Compensation For Their Performance

Newton led his team to the 2009 NJCAA National Football Championship. college athletes should be paid essay After that, he was the only five-star newcomer of the 2010 season.

It has even been brought to the attention of colleges by former athletes, like Carmelo Anthony or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who believe that current athletes should be paid. I am going to analyze the legal rights, and the professionalization of college athletes by showing what benefits athletes actually get, and why they deserve to have a salary. To support this argument in favor of paying college athletes, you should include specific data and revenue numbers that show how much money the NCAA makes . For example, they might point out the fact that the schools that make the most money in college sports only spend around 10% of their tens of millions in athletics revenue on scholarships for student-athletes. Analyzing the spending practices of the NCAA and its member institutions could serve as strong evidence to support this argument in a “why college athletes should be paid” essay.

Nocera, Joe “The Plot To Rule College Sports.” The New York Times. The

The issue of paying players in every sport, including the ones that lose money, is used as an argument for those against paying the players in college sports. If every athlete college athletes should be paid essay in google in the NCAA was paid minimum wage it would be about $5.6 billion dollars per year. There are only $2.7 billion in scholarships every year, so that plan would not work.

The college athletes deserve to be paid because their responsibilities are not any different from a professional sports athlete or a worker in another field. Last but not least, the college athletes may be motivated to work harder and perform even better on the field. Thus, paying the college athletes is morally right and it may also boost their performance.

Allowing Athletes To Court Sponsors Would Corrupt College Sports

College athletes should not be allowed to participate in the competition as it is completed Regardless of whether you should pay salary to university students, there will always be discussions. Many people think that university athletes are like employees and pay should be paid.

41% of Division 1 college athletes do not receive any sort of athletic compensation for their participation in their respective sports . This means that they aren’t receiving any sort academic assistance for their athletic efforts, mainly in the form of scholarships, and that the schools are pocketing the money that these athletes are earning for them. The argument of whether or not college athletes should be paid has risen in popularity in recent years because of the amount of money that the sports are bringing in for the colleges. In 2013 Alabama football had a net gain of approximately $50 million dollars .

These sports continuously generate revenues on a growing scale forcing the NCAA to address the issue of paying the athletes for their participation in sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. The college athletes should be paid because they generate significant revenues for their respective colleges. It is only fair that the athletes get to share in the revenue generated through their hard work on the field. Paying the college athletes may also inspire them to stay longer in school which, in turn, will benefit the college and its students who passionately follow their college teams.

college athletes should be paid essay

A majority of college athletes recognize that their primary focus while attending school is to get an education to earn a degree in the end. However, some people feel as though the athletes should put a college athletes should be paid essay in google lot more attention into their sports and therefore deserve further payment while enrolled in school. If this situation took place, there would be no distinction between amateur and professional sports.

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